I'm Colin! I'm a New Jersey musician turned LA-based producer focused on creative video projects in the advertising world.
I'm experienced in a wide range of projects, including 2D/3D Design-Driven Production, Commercial and Product Video production, Lifestyle and Product Photography, Editorial, Animation, and Post-production.
I began my career running a small production company, Blue Kite Cinema. Now, whether it be Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Resolve, Figma, or a range of other tools, I’ve been there, working in those programs, and that knowledge allows me to thoroughly understand the process, the software, the artists, and ultimately relay information more clearly to the client. 
I strive to understand every part of the production process the best I can so that communication with client is as close to effortless as possible.
Better communication = happier clients, happier artists, better profit margins, and more time for enjoying tacos and margaritas.
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